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Questionnaires overview

The Questionnaires module is one of the Dentrix components that can help your office go paperless. You can use the Questionnaires module to store the same information that is included on new patient forms, health history updates, and other forms used in your office to collect information from patients. Plus, you can use the Questionnaires module to create a custom set of questions for your patients so that information specific to each patient can be stored in that patient’s Dentrix file. You can even create provider- and staff-specific questionnaires to store important provider and staff information in your files.

You can sign, date, and lock a questionnaire form to secure the information contained therein.

To learn more, click the following links:

·        Opening the Questionnaires module

·        The Questionnaires window

·        The Questionnaires toolbars

·        Questionnaire View pane

·        The Questionnaires List pane

·        View options

·        Setting up questionnaires

·        Creating questionnaire forms

·        Printing selected forms

·        Printing blank forms

·        Entering responses

·        Deleting responses

·        Attaching electronic signatures

·        Updating patient information overview

·        Patient information categories