Treatment Manager overview  

Many offices spend thousands of dollars a year to attract new patients to their practices as a means of increasing their overall revenue. Yet, most offices already have a substantial amount of potential revenue sitting untouched in their patient treatment plans.

Capitalizing on that revenue source can be a cost-effective and relatively painless way to increase your practice's bottom line. You can use the Treatment Manager to take advantage of that potential income by quickly generating a list of patients to contact who meet the criteria that you set.

Through the Treatment Manager, you have access to vital patient information, including treatment-planned work, balance, payment information, Office Journal entries, insurance information, and so on. Having this information at your fingertips will help you determine whether to contact a patient through a letter, a phone call, or an email message.

Once you contact a patient, you can easily make notes regarding the contact, create an appointment, or make changes to the patient's treatment plan.

For more information about the Treatment Manager, click the following topics:

·        The Treatment Manager window

·        The Treatment Manager toolbar

·        Starting the Treatment Manager

·        Setting up a Treatment Manager view

·        Setting a range of patients

·        Adjusting column widths

·        Sorting the Treatment Manager list

·        Saving list settings

·        Contacting patients by email

·        Contacting patients using Quick Letters

·        Removing patients from the Treatment Manager list

·        Adding an Office Journal entry

·        Scheduling appointments

·        Reviewing treatment plans

·        Analyzing treatment plan information

·        Printing the Treatment Manager list

·        Printing mailing labels