Easy Dental

Patient picture

Patient Picture displays a full-color picture in the Patient Banner in all but the Recall and Reports modules. A toolbar includes icons to copy a photo from the Clipboard, update a photo from a file, take a picture from a camera, or remove a photo.

You can take pictures using a webcam, digital camera, or other TWAIN device, or you can browse for and select images from local and network folders to import into patient picture. You can import image files with any of the following extensions:

·        bmp

·        jpg

·        tif

·        gif

·        png

·        jpeg

Note: This list is not exhaustive. There are other, less popular, supported graphic file extensions.

To learn more about using Patient Picture, click the following links:

·        Acquiring patient pictures from the Clipboard

·        Acquiring patient pictures from file

·        Taking patient pictures using a webcam

·        Removing patient pictures

Note: Back up the PatPicts folder in the EZDental/DATA folder on the file server whenever you back up your data files.