Dentrix Canada

Managing appointments overview

Scheduling an appointment is only the first step in using an integrated electronic scheduling system. Dentrix makes it easy to manage scheduling tasks quickly, such as rescheduling, breaking and confirming appointments, and posting scheduled work once it is completed. To learn more, click the following links:

·        Viewing appointment alerts

·        Editing appointment information

·        Moving appointments

·        Confirming appointments

·        Breaking appointments

·        Setting procedures complete

·        Setting procedures complete for additional providers

·        Adding appointments to the ASAP List

·        Posting scheduled work

·        Deleting appointments

·        Purging appointments

·        Rescheduling broken appointments

·        Rescheduling from the Unscheduled List

·        Rescheduling from the Pinboard

·        Locating appointments from the Appointment Book

·        Locating appointments from other Dentrix modules

·        Moving an appointment to the Pinboard

·        Moving multiple appointments to the Pinboard

·        Restoring appointments from the Pinboard

·        Deleting appointments from the Pinboard