Collections Manager overview  

Designed to help increase your practice's revenue by decreasing your account receivables, the Collections Manager enables you to quickly access and then act upon collection information. Based on the criteria you select, Collections Manager displays a list of accounts that need to be contacted. From this list, you have access to all information for the account, including aged balance, payment information, Office Journal entries, insurance estimates, and so forth. You can sort this list by the various columns of data.

Having this information readily available will help you determine how you want to contact the patient: by letter, phone call, or email message. To make collections even simpler, the Collections Manager can merge a letter, dial a phone number, or open a new email message.

Once the patient is contacted, you can easily make notes regarding the contact, set up a payment agreement, or change a billing type. You can also export data to the Clipboard to analyze and use in other software programs, print the Collections Manager list, and print mailing labels for collection accounts.