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Voice Perio and Dentrix Perio Chart Quick Start

The Dentrix Perio Chart features specially designed tools to help you record and display your patients' periodontal health by recording pertinent measurements and conditions during a perio exam.

Voice Perio is a computer, voice-activated perio charting system that integrates with the Dentrix Perio Chart, so you can document your patients' periodontal health — without touching the keyboard! Visit the Voice Perio website for more information or to request a demo.

Use these resources to get started with Voice Perio and the Dentrix Perio Chart.

Video Overview

Entering a Perio Exam Using Voice Perio

Video Tutorials

Voice Perio

Getting Started with Voice Perio for Dentrix

Dentrix Perio Chart

Opening the Perio Chart

Entering Perio Measurements

Managing Perio Exam Information

Managing Perio Exams

Customizing Perio Navigation Scripts

Help and Documentation

Voice Perio

Voice Perio Install Guide

Dentrix Perio Chart

Perio Chart Overview