Dentrix Canada

Perio Chart overview

Using the Dentrix Perio Chart, you can record mobility, furcation grades, plaque, calculus, bone loss, pocket depths, bleeding and suppuration points, gingival margins, CAL levels, and MGJ measurements. The Perio Chart also includes automatic calculation formulas that allow you to expedite the charting process by eliminating the need to measure multiple indicators.

The Perio Chart features specially designed note tools that help you record diagnostic and summary information.

From the Data Chart, you can view exam data numerically, while you can view a graphic representation of the same data in the Graphic Chart. Additionally, you use the Perio Chart to print custom reports, charts, and letters for an insurance consultant or the referring dental professional.

The Clinical Notes panel contains free-form notes that you can enter at any time and that provide you with a method for entering exam notes that are not specific to a procedure.

The Perio Chart window consists of four sections: Data Chart, Perio panel, toolbars, and menu bar.