Dentrix Canada

Comparing goals with production

After setting up Practice Analysis goals, you can compare your goals with your actual production.

To view comparisons between your goals and your actual production

1.   In the Practice Analysis window, from the Comparison menu, click Goals vs Production.

The Select Goals dialog box appears.

2.   Select the providers you want to view comparisons for. Or, select All to view all providers. You can also select List Inactive to include inactive providers.

3.   Type the desired date range in the Beginning and Ending text fields.

4.   Select Include Current to specify a current goal to include. Then, type the month and year in the Current Goal.

5.   Click OK.

The Goals vs Production window appears. The selected date with its accompanying goal and actual production amount is displayed. The variance and the percent are calculated. Also, all of the totals and the averages are displayed at the bottom of the dialog box.


6.   To change the comparison being viewed, click Select from the menu bar and repeat steps 2 – 5.

7.   To graph the data for visual comparison, click Graph and then click Draw Graph.

The Goals vs Production data is displayed in the form of a bar graph.

8.   To exit the comparison graph and return to the Practice Analysis window, click Exit from the menu bar.