Dentrix Canada

Referring patients to other providers

Occasionally, you will need to refer a patient to another doctor or specialist. Dentrix helps you make and track referrals to other doctors or specialists.

To refer a patient to another provider

1.   With a patient selected in the Family File window, double-click the Referred To field.

The Patient Referrals dialog box appears.

2.   In the Referred To area, click Add Referral.

The Select Referred To dialog box appears.

3.   Do one of the following:

·        Type the first few letters of the name of the provider that you want to refer your patient to in the Enter Name field, click the search button, select the provider you want, and then click OK.

Dentrix restricts the list to names beginning with the letters you typed.

·        Select the appropriate doctor from the list, and then click OK.

·        To add a doctor or practice to the list, click New.

·        To edit a doctor's or a practice's information, select the appropriate name from the list, and click Edit.

4.   To view a record of the referrals you have sent to a provider outside your practice, click Analysis.

The Referral Analysis [Outside Provider] dialog box appears.

5.   Complete any or all of the following tasks:

·        Select a new date span from the Referral Date Span list.

·        To remove a referral, click a name in the Name of Referral list, and click Clear Referral.

·        To add a gratuity, click New Gratuity.

·        To edit a gratuity, click Gratuity Analysis.

6.   To clear a Referred To entry from the Patient Referrals dialog box, select the provider that you want to clear, and then click Clear Referral.

7.   To send correspondence, select the provider from the Referred To list, and then click Send Email, Print Label, or Quick Letters.