Setting filters

To set a filter, you select the contact categories that you want eDex to search. This in turn determines what types of entries appear in the Contacts List. Setting filters greatly reduces the amount of time that a search may take, especially if you have a large database. By default, there are 12 contact categories in the Set Filters dialog box rather than the 13 contact categories that appear in the Edit Contact Categories dialog box. The List Deleted Contacts category is separate from the Set Filters list. You can add categories according to the needs of your practice.

To set a filter

1.   In the eDex toolbar, click the Set Filters button.

The Set Filters dialog box appears.

2.   Click Clear/Select All to clear the current selections from the list.

3.   Do one of the following:

·        Click Clear/Select All to select all of the filter items from the list.

·        Select the items from the list that you want to search for.

4.   (Optional) Select one or both of the following:

·        Save As Default - Saves your selections as your preferred settings for a subsequent search.

·        List Deleted Contacts - Includes deleted contacts in your search.

5.   Click Close.

Only the items you selected appear in the Contacts List.