Assigning secondary insurance to subscribers with dual coverage      

Some subscribers may have dual insurance coverage from two working adults. After assigning primary insurance to a subscriber, you can also assign a secondary insurance policy to that subscriber through his or her spouse or partner as long as both individuals belong to the same family in the Family File.

To assign secondary insurance to a subscriber with dual coverage

1.   In the Family File, select the patient/subscriber.

2.   Double-click the Insurance Information block.

The Insurance Information dialog box appears with the Dental Insurance tab selected. Both the primary and secondary insurance information are displayed.

Note: To enter medical insurance instead of dental insurance, click the Medical Insurance tab.

3.   Under Secondary Insurance, click the Subscriber search button.

The Select Secondary Subscriber (Insured Party) dialog box appears.

4.   Do one of the following:

·        From the list, select the appropriate subscriber (the selected patient's spouse or partner), and then click OK.

·        To assign a secondary insurance plan to the selected patient, click Current Patient, select the plan from the Select Secondary Dental Insurance Plan dialog box, and then click OK.

The subscriber’s name, insurance carrier, subscriber ID #, and relationship status appear in the appropriate fields of the Insurance Information dialog box.

5.   Click OK.

Note: Click the Insurance Data and Benefits/Coverage buttons to reference and record additional insurance information.