Adjusting images

Using the Image Adjustments tool, you can alter the color, light, contrast, and saturation of the document. You can make your adjustments in the Image Adjustments dialog box. The original document without changes appears in the Original Image dialog box. The document, with modifications applied, appears in the Modified Image dialog box.

To adjust an image

1.   Click the Image Adjustments button in the Modify Document toolbar.

Note: The original image displays the image before any changes are made. The modified image displays the image after your changes.

2.   Move the Fine/Coarse slider bar to alter the increments by which the other features will make adjustments.

3.   Click the image with the Saturate border to saturate the image, or click the image with the De-saturate border to de-saturate the image.

4.   Click the image with the +Contrast border to increase the contrast of the image, or click the image with the -Contrast border to decrease the contrast of the image.

5.   Click the image with a color border to increase the amount of that color in the image.

Every time you click the color, it increases the color content by the increment selected on the Fine/Coarse slider bar.

6.   Click the image with the lighter border to lighten the image, or click the image with the darker border to darken the image.

7.   To save your changes and close the Image Adjustments dialog box, click OK.

The adjusted image appears in the Document Preview pane.

Note: You can undo all changes in the Image Adjustments dialog box by clicking the Original Image.