Acquiring unfiled documents     

Using the Unfiled Documents option, you can acquire documents and images and add them to the Document Center as unfiled documents. You can use this feature to acquire a single document, but it is intended to allow you to acquire batch documents and complete them later by adding document information and assigning attachments. This feature is helpful for importing multi-page picture documents.

You can only import documents and images with the following file extensions into the Unfiled Documents window: .jpg, .tif, .gif, .bmp, .txt, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, . xlsx, .ppt, and .rtf.

A document can only become an unfiled document using one of the following methods:

·        By printing to the Document Center Printer Driver from another application (this will import the document into the Unfiled Documents window as a PDF).

·        By acquiring a new document from the Unfiled Documents window from a file, a device, or the Clipboard.

·        By removing all attachments from a document and choosing to make it an unfiled document.

To acquire an unfiled document

1.   In the Document Center, click Acquire, and then click Unfiled Documents.

The Unfiled Documents window appears.

2.   In the toolbar, do one of the following:

·        From Device - Click to acquire a document from a device. (This button is disabled if no device is detected.)

·        Import from File - Click to acquire a document from a folder.

·        Paste from Clipboard - Click to acquire a document from the clipboard.

·        Screen Capture - Click to capture a screen from your desktop.

·        Document Information - Click to view document information. (This button is disabled if more than one document is selected.)

·        Combine Documents - Click to combine two or more selected documents into one document with multiple pages. (This button is disabled if only one document is selected.)

·        Delete - Click to delete a document. (This button is disabled if no document is selected.)

·        Show Preview - Click to show or hide the preview pane.

·        Refresh - Click to refresh the list of documents.

·        Always on Top - Click to make the Unfiled Documents window always be on top of all other open windows. The state of the button is saved when you close the window.

·        Attach to Selected Document Center Entity - Click to attach a document to a selected patient or provider.

3.   In the toolbar, click the Document Information button.

4.   Assign a document type and description to the document.