Editing questionnaire forms

Occasionally you will need to update questionnaire forms.

To edit a questionnaire form

1.   In the Questionnaire Setup dialog box, select the form that you want to edit, and then click Edit Form.

If you have never used the selected form, the Edit Questionnaire Form Options dialog box appears.

If you have used the form before, the Questionnaire Setup message appears.

2.   Do one of the following:

·        Select one of the options, and then click OK.

·        Click Yes.

The Questionnaire Form Setup dialog box appears.

3.   To edit the form, do one or more of the following:

·        To create a new question, click New Question.

·        To edit a question, select it, and then click Edit Question.

·        To insert patient information, click Insert Patient Info.

·        To insert a blank line, click Insert Blank Line.

·        To insert a separator, click Insert Separator.

·        To insert a page break, click Insert Page Break.

·        To delete a question, click Delete.

·        To move a question, click Move Up or Move Down.

4.   To save your changes, click Close.