Including patient information in a questionnaire form

In your questionnaire forms, you can include fields for patients to enter information. You can then synchronize this information with the information in the Family File. That way, you will always have the most current, accurate patient information in the Family File.

Also, you can use health history information that is already stored in Dentrix in a questionnaire form so that you do not need to enter the same medical conditions and allergies twice.

To include patient information in a questionnaire form

1.   In the Questionnaire Form Setup dialog box, click Insert Patient Info.

The Questionnaire Patient Info dialog box appears.

2.   Select the patient info that you want to include in the questionnaire form.

A list of available patient info appears in the Response Types pane.

a.   Click once to select the name of a patient info response type and see an example of that response type.

b.   Click again to select it.

3.  To add the selected patient info response types to the questionnaire form, click OK.