The Clinical Notes panel toolbars

The Clinical Notes panel contains two toolbars: Clinical Notes and Clinical Notes Template. The Clinical Notes toolbar provides you with the tools for creating, modifying, and managing clinical notes. The Clinical Notes Template toolbar provides you with the tools to create and edit clinical notes templates and categories.

Clinical Notes




New Clinical Note

Click to create a clinical note.

New Addendum

Click to append an addition to a clinical note in history.

Delete Clinical Note

Click to delete a clinical note.

Save Clinical Note

Click to save a clinical note.

Copy Clinical Note

Click to copy a clinical note.

Copy All Clinical Notes

Click to copy all of the clinical notes for the selected patient simultaneously.

Sign Clinical Note

Click to sign a clinical note electronically. You cannot edit a signed note.

Insert Date/Time

Click to insert a new date and time in a clinical note.

Change Provider for Selected Note

Click to change the provider for a selected clinical note.

Change Date for Selected Clinical Note

Click to change the date of a selected clinical note.


Click to print a clinical note.


Click to cut text from a clinical note.


Click to copy the text of a clinical note to the Windows Clipboard.


Click to paste text.

Check Spelling

Click to perform a spell check of a clinical note.

Clinical Notes Template




Expand All

Click to expand all clinical note template categories.

Collapse All

Click to collapse all clinical note template categories.

Template Setup

Click to create, edit, and delete clinical note templates. You can also create, rename, and delete clinical note template categories.