Creating clinical notes templates

Clinical notes templates provide a way for you to follow an orderly format when entering notes for a patient. Use the templates as a uniform guide when you are collecting patient information. You can also create custom clinical note templates to add clinical notes.

To create a clinical notes template

1.   In the Perio Chart, click View, and then click Clinical Notes Panel.

The Clinical Notes panel appears.

2.   Click the Template Setup toolbar button.

The Template Setup dialog box appears.

3.   Click New Template.

The New Clinical Note Template dialog box appears.

4.   Select a category from the Category list.

5.   In the Template Name field, type a name for the template.

6.   Click Select/Setup.

The Clinical Note Prompts dialog box appears.

7.   Select a prompt from the list, and then click OK.

The prompt is added to the Clinical Note Prompts list.

Note: For information on adding prompts, click Creating clinical notes prompts.

8.   To change the order of a prompt, select it, and then click Move Up or Move Down as appropriate.

9.   Under Clinical Note Text, type a note.

10. To add a prompt to the note text, click Insert Prompt in Text.

Note: Leave a space before and after the prompt, so that the clinical note displays properly.

11. To save the template, click OK.