Creating clinical notes prompts

Clinical notes templates provide a way for you to follow an orderly format when entering notes for a patient. Use the templates as a uniform guide when you are collecting patient information. Clinical note categories provide a convenient way for you to organize and manage your clinical notes templates. You can use prompts to customize your templates that include dynamic data.

To create a clinical notes prompt

1.   In the Perio Chart, click View, and then click Clinical Notes Panel.

The Clinical Notes panel appears.

2.   Click Template Setup toolbar button.

The Template Setup dialog box appears.

3.   Click New Template.

The New Clinical Note Template dialog box appears.

4.   Click Select/Setup.

The Clinical Note Prompts dialog box appears.

5.   Click New.

The New Prompt dialog box appears.

6.   Type a name for the prompt, and under Prompt Text, type any text that you want to associate with the prompt.

7.   Select one of the following response types from the Response Type list:

·        Confirmation Only

·        One Response from List

·        Checkbox Responses

·        Date

·        Number/Amount

·        Text

·        Select Tooth

·        Select Surfaces

·        Select Sextant

·        Select Quadrant

8.   Type a list of possible responses in the text box, and to save the prompt, click OK.