Procedure code setup

Dentrix comes installed with all of the procedures listed in the American Dental Association Code on Dental Procedures and Nomenclature. Because so many tasks and transactions in a dental office can be linked to an ADA procedure, Dentrix includes a Procedure Code Editor where you can customize certain criteria, such as fees, treatment area, names, and paint types, to fit the needs of your practice if the default standard settings are not sufficient. Because you also have the flexibility to bill either dental or medical insurance, you can use the Procedure Code Editor to add or edit medical codes too.

To learn more about procedure code setup, click the following links:

·        Adding ADA-CDT dental codes

·        Editing ADA-CDT dental codes

·        Setting ADA code names

·        Attaching Continuing Care types

·        Setting procedure times

·        Changing appointment types

·        Setting treatment area flags

·        Setting surface treatment area flags

·        Setting tooth treatment area flags

·        Setting mouth treatment area flags

·        Setting arch treatment area flags

·        Setting root treatment area flags

·        Assigning fee schedules

·        Editing procedure code notes

·        Adding dental diagnostic codes

·        Editing dental diagnostic codes

·        Hiding or showing procedure codes

·        Setting up dental diagnostic cross codes


·        Setting up AMA-CPT codes

·        Setting up ICD-9-CM codes

·        Setting up ICD-10-CM codes

·        Setting up modifier codes

·        Setting up service codes

·        Setting up medical cross coding

·        Cross coding ADA codes with AMA-CPT codes