Adding procedures to payment tables

You can use the payment table to enter the dollar amount that an insurance plan pays for specific procedures. As you receive payment from insurance providers, you may update the insurance coverage. The actual payment information is stored in the payment table. You can either enter procedures into the payment table manually, or if you itemize insurance payments, you can update the payment table whenever you post a payment to a claim.


·        Updating or changing any benefit and coverage information will affect all patients who subscribe to the selected group plan.

·        If a procedure is in the coverage table and the payment table, the amount in the payment table overrides the amount in the coverage table.

To add a procedure to a payment table

1.   With a patient selected in the Family File, double-click the patient's Insurance Information block.

The Insurance Information dialog box appears.

2.   Click Benefits/Coverage.

The Dental Insurance Benefits and Coverage dialog box appears.

3.   Click the Payment Table & Allowed Amounts tab.

The Payment Table and Allowed Amounts table appears.

4.   To add a procedure code, click the Add button, and then do one of the following:

·        Type the procedure code that you want to add under Code.

·        Click the Down arrow, click the type of code, and then select the code from the list.

5.   If you typed the procedure code, press the Tab key, and then type a description of the code.

Note: If you selected the code from the Procedure Code List, the description appears automatically.

6.   Do the following:

·        Paid – Type the amount the insurance provider paid for the procedure.

·        Allowed – Type the insurance provider's allowed amount for the procedure.

7.   Click Save.