Terms used

Head of household - The head of household or guarantor is the family member that is financially responsible for the account. All billing statements and family correspondence will be addressed to the head of household.

Outstanding insurance claims - Insurance claims are considered outstanding until payment on the claim has been received. A claim with the status of Sent or Not Sent is an outstanding claim.

Insurance subscriber - The patients in a family who are subscribers to an insurance policy for themselves or other members of the family.

Patient transactions - Transactions posted to the Ledger that are directly connected to the patient. Patient Transactions include: Completed Procedures, Insurance Claims, Insurance Payments, and Payments and Adjustments assigned to a specific patient.

Guarantor transactions - Transactions posted to the Ledger that are connected to the account, rather than to an individual patient. Guarantor Transactions include: Guarantor Payments (payments assigned to Family), Finance Charges, Adjustments assigned to Family, and Balance Forwards.

Balance forward - The amount of money that is still owed from a previous month.