Editing family relationships

Using the Family File, you can move a patient to a new account or combine two accounts. Before moving any patients, consider the following:

·        When you are combining families, you cannot move the head of household unless you move all family members first.

·        You cannot move a patient if the patient has any outstanding insurance claims (claims that you have not received). You can wait until the claim is paid or delete the claim and recreate it under the new account.

·        When you move a patient, the patient's insurance information is cleared if the patient is not the insurance subscriber. If the patient is the subscriber, the insurance follows the patient.

·        If a patient is the insurance subscriber for family members, the insurance information is cleared for those family members if you move the subscriber.

To edit family relationships

1.   With a patient selected in the Family File, click Edit, and then click Edit Family Relations.

The Edit Family Relations dialog box appears.

2.   Select the family member that you want to move to another account.

Note: If the patient you are trying to move is the head of household in that family, you need to change the head of household for the family prior to moving that patient. To move all family members to the new family, you need to move the head of household last.

3.   To move a patient into another family, click Family 2 >>.

The Select Guarantor dialog box appears.

4.   Select the guarantor of the family that you want to move the patient to and click OK.

The patient's name moves to the Family 2 box. Additional patients from the same family can also be moved by selecting their names and clicking Move >.  

If the family that you moved the patients to is a new family, the first patient moved automatically becomes the new head of household.

5.   To make a different patient the head of household, select the patient's name and click Set HofH 2.

6.   Click OK.

Note: If the patient has insurance coverage, or is an insurance subscriber for other patients, a message appears, warning that the insurance will be cleared.