Deleting patient records

Before you delete a patient record from the Family File:

·        Verify that the patient you want to delete has no current or history transactions and no existing work or conditions in the Patient Chart.

·        Be aware that Dentrix deletes all information associated with the patient (including alerts, notes, claims, prescriptions, and so forth). You can only recover this information from a backup of your database. If you want to archive the patient instead, see Archiving patients.

To delete a patient record

1.   With a patient selected in the Family File, click Edit, and then click Delete Patient.

A message appears explaining what will happen if this patient is deleted.

2.   To delete the patient, click Yes.

Note: If the patient you are deleting is the only member of the family, he or she is also the head of household. Instead of deleting the patient, you need to delete the family.