Patient Engage


Sending a check-in link

You can send Check In Links to your patients' mobile devices from the Today’s Follow-Up Actions section of the portal. Once you've initiated the Mobile Check In link from the portal dashboard, the text message is sent immediately to your patient.  

To send a check-in link

1.   On the Patient Engage Dentrix Hub under Today’s Follow-Up Actions, click the check-in button next to a client’s name.

You are prompted to ask the patient for text message consent.

2.   After receiving the patient's verbal consent to receive the text message link, click Next.

3.   According to the client’s response, click either Yes, [patient] consents or No, [patient] does not consent.

Tip: You can also type a different number for the patient in the Mobile Number field.

4.   Click Submit.

The text message and link are sent immediately.

Note: Your office only needs to receive verbal consent from your client prior to sending the Mobile Check In text. Your clients are not expected to opt-in to text notifications before receiving the text message and link.