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Responding to reviews

Whether you receive 1 star or 5 stars, reviews can be an emotional roller coaster of praises and less-than-complimentary statements. Regardless of what patients are saying, it’s important for you to maintain an ongoing dialogue with them so they know you’re listening and open to hearing their opinions. This is where responding to reviews come in.

Responding to your reviews shows you take time to listen to your patients and that you value their opinions. These are traits potential patients look for when searching for a new doctor. Don't feel obligated to comment on every review. Two to three comments a month is adequate. So go ahead, thank a patient for their kind words and take a minute to address another’s concern; they’ll appreciate it!

Tips for Responding to Reviews

Responding to a review is important because it shows you're listening to your clients and are actively seeking to improve your business. But before you write anything, keep in mind that professional business replies:

·        Are brief and polite.

·        Tell readers what you've done to address the issue or concern raised by the reviewer.

·        Are explanatory and professional when countering the opinion of the reviewer when there is a disagreement.

·        Provide correct information when a review contains something inaccurate or out of date.

·        Show that you listen to your patients and are proactive in following up with them to address any feedback they have.

We recommend you NOT do the following:

·        Reply when you are upset. Instead, wait until you're had some time to think about the review and can address it in a constructive way.

·        Use the business comments as a forum for advertising.

To respond to a review

1.   Log in to Patient Engage.

2.   Click Reputation Management.

3.   Under Reputation Management, click Reputation Tracker.

4.   Click Reviews.

5.   Click View on the right of the review you'd like to reply to.

6.   Next to Business Comments, write your response to the review.

7.   Click Submit.

Note: Make sure you are completely satisfied with your comment because you won't be able to change your reply once it has been submitted.

Your replies appear below the review on your Business Profile, Facebook Easy Reviews Application, and Easy Review Widget.