Patient Engage


Configuring mobile check-in forms

With Kiosk Mobile Check In, your business has the ability to create, edit, and manage online forms that can be published to clients via a Kiosk Check In textable link.

Configuration options for Kiosk Mobile Check In forms include the following:

·        Publishing and/or removing a form from Check In

·        Assigning a form to new and/or existing patients (to Mobile Check In)

To publish or remove a form on Mobile Check In

1.   From the left navigation bar of the Patient Engage Dentrix Hub, click Communications, click Online Forms, and then click Form Manager.

2.   In the form bank that appears, move your mouse pointer over the form that you want to configure, and then click View.

3.   Turn Show in Kiosk on, and then choose whether you want this form to appear for New Patients, Existing Patients, or both.

Note: The image below shows the Patient Portal option above the Show in Kiosk configuration options. If you are not Patient Portal eligible or you do not have it installed with Patient Engage, you will not see this option.  You do not need Patient Portal enabled in order to create and publish forms for the Kiosk Mobile Check In feature.

Tip: When  a form doesn’t appear in Kiosk Check In or Patient Portal, it’s likely because the form has not been published. Navigate to this screen in Form Manager and verify that the form you want your patients to see is set to On (for published) and is selected to appear for the desired group of patients..

4.   After making your configuration selections, scroll to the bottom of the form page and click Save.

After a form has been created and published in Online Forms' Form Manager, enabled for Kiosk (using the Show in Kiosk option), and selected to be filled out by patients, it appears in the client interface for Mobile Check In when patients receive the Check In link.