Easy Dental

Setting production goals

After you have customized the Practice Analysis window for your practice, you may want to set production goals for your practice. You can edit monthly production goals by individual provider.

To set production goals for your practice

1.   In the Reports toolbar, click Practice Analysis.

The Practice Analysis window appears.

2.   In the menu, click Setup, and then click Goals.

The Setup Goals dialog box appears.

3.   Click the Provider search button.

The Select Provider dialog box appears.

4.   Select a provider, click OK, and type the appropriate year.

5.   To load any previously entered goals, click Read Selected Goals.

6.   If no previously entered goals exist, click Add.

The Enter Goals dialog box appears.

7.   Type the month that you are setting the goal for, type the Gross Production in dollars, and click OK.

8.   To repeat the same goal for the next month, select the goal date from the list, and then click Copy.

9.   To add the new production goal to the list, click OK.