Easy Dental

Creating analysis summary reports

You can use the Analysis Summary Report to print the transaction totals that usually print at the bottom of a day sheet, by provider or by day for a specified provider and date range.

To create an analysis summary report

1.   In the Reports toolbar, click the Management Reports button, and then click Analysis Summary.

The Analysis Summary dialog box appears.

2.   If necessary, change the report date.

The default is the current date.

3.   Do the following:

·        Select Provider – Select the range of providers that you want to include. Click the From search button to select the starting provider for the range and the To search button to select the ending provider. To include all providers, leave <ALL> selected in both fields.

·        Select Date – Type the date range that you want to include in the From and To fields. By default Easy Dental enters the current date for the range. Select Entry Date or Procedure Date.

Note: The entry date reflects the system date when you posted the procedure. The procedure date refers to the date that you changed manually for the procedure. In most cases, these dates are identical.

·        Select Billing Type – Select the range of billing types that you want to include. Click the From search button to select the starting billing type and the To search button to select the ending billing type. To include all billing types, leave <ALL> selected in both fields.

Note: Year-to-date (YTD) and previous month totals will not print if you select a “billing type” range.

4.   Under Select Report Types, select one of the following:

·        Daily Summary - Prints totals for each day in the date range. Each total is for all providers in the provider range.

·        Provider Summary - Prints totals for each provider in the provider range. Each total includes transactions for the provider with a date in the date range.

·        Inc MTD/YTD Totals – The default option for the provider summary report if you select Provider Summary. Easy Dental includes the MTD, YTD, and previous month totals for each provider on the report.

5.   Do one of the following:

·        Clear Include All Totals to print charges, payments, adjustments, finance charges, and charges billed to insurance only.

·        Select Include All Totals to also print the number of new patients, the number of patients seen, the average production per patient, the average charge per procedure, the previous balance, the balance, and the net change.

6.   To create a page break between each report and between each set of totals, clear Print Condensed Report. Otherwise, Easy Dental prints a full page before creating a new page.

7.   To send the report to the Batch Processor, click OK.