Easy Dental

Progress notes overview

A progress note is added automatically each time you enter a procedure, exam, condition, treatment plan, or clinical note in the Chart. Progress notes appear in chronological order below the graphic chart. Each item in the progress notes displays the date you entered treatment, tooth and surfaces (if applicable), procedure code, provider, description, treatment status, and the dollar amount associated with that procedure.

In the Description column, a double arrow (>>) indicates that a procedure note is available for that item. The letter “D” signifies that a diagnostic code is attached to the procedure.

In the Stat column, the letter “C” indicates that a procedure is set to complete, the letters “TP” that a procedure is treatment planned, the letter “E” that a procedure is pre-existing, and the letters “CON” that a procedure is a condition.

From the progress notes toolbar you can set treatment-planned procedures complete; print progress notes; and delete conditions, treatment plans, and procedures.