Easy Dental

Adding a clinical note from the soft tissue template

Clinical notes are free-form notes that you can enter at any time during an exam. By using clinical note templates, you can follow an orderly format when entering notes for a patient. You can add a clinical note from any of the following six note templates.

·        Soft Tissue

·        Functional

·        Periodontium

·        Oral Hygiene

·        Orthodontic

·        Custom Notes

To add a clinical note from the soft tissue template

1.   Select a patient

2.   In the Chart toolbar, click Clinical Notes.

The Clinical Notes dialog box appears.

3.   To attach the current system date to the note, click Insert Dateline.

4.   Click Templates.

The Clinical Notes Templates dialog box appears.

5.   Click Soft Tissue.

The Add to Clinical Notes - Soft Tissue Exam dialog box appears.

6.   Edit the template as necessary, and then click OK/Post.

The soft tissue exam notes post to the Clinical Notes dialog box.