Dentrix Canada

Editing fee schedules automatically

You can make alterations automatically to an entire fee schedule or to specific segments of a fee schedule without entering each amount manually.

To edit a fee schedule automatically

1.   From the Maintenance menu in the Office Manager, point to Reference, and then click Fee Schedule Maintenance.

The Fee Schedule Maintenance dialog box appears.

2.   Select a fee schedule from the list, and then click Auto Changes.

The Automatic Fee Schedule Changes dialog box appears.

3.   Under Select Procedure Code, do one of the following:

·        Type the range of procedure codes that you want to change.

·        Click the From and To search buttons, and then from the respective lists, select the range of procedure codes whose fees you want to update.

·        Select <All> in the From and To fields to change the fee schedules for all procedure codes.

4.   Under Change Fee Schedule, do the following:

·        Change Amount – Type the amount that you want to change the fee schedule by.

·        Change Type – You can increase or decrease fee schedules by a percentage or a dollar amount. Select one of the following:

·        Increase by %  

·        Increase by $

·        Decrease by %

·        Decrease by $

·        Round To – Select Penny, Dime, or Dollar to set the amount to round the fee schedule increase to.

·        Minimum Amount To Increase – Type the minimum amount in dollars that you want to increase or decrease the fee schedule by.

5.   Click OK.