Dentrix Canada

Insurance Carrier List

The Insurance Carrier List includes the carrier’s name, address, phone, contact person, and related insurance information. Also, there are options to include the insured subscribers for each insurance plan, include the insured patients for each insurance plan, and print mailing labels for the insurance carriers.

To generate the list

1.   In the Office Manager, click Reports, point to Reference, and then click Insurance Carrier List.

The Insurance Carrier List dialog box appears.

2.   Type the Report Date that you want to print on the report. The default is the current date.

3.   Under Select Insurance Carrier, select the range of insurance carriers that you want to include by doing the following:

·        Click the From search button and select the starting carrier.

·        Click the To search button and select the ending carrier.

4.   Under Select List Types, select the list types that you want to print:

·        Standard List

·        Include Subscribers (of each carrier)

·        Include All Insured Patients

·        Mailing Labels (using the corresponding Columns box to set the number of labels across (1 to 3)

Note: Do not select both the Standard List and Include Subscribers or Dentrix will print two lists: one list showing carriers and the other showing carriers with subscribers.

5.   To send the report to the Batch Processor, click OK.