Performing Monthly Tasks

This document provides instructions for the tasks that should be done monthly.

1. Reports

Viewing the Aged Receivables Report

The aged receivables report displays the aged balances of accounts and the total aging of all receivables as of today or for a specified aging bracket. You can send this report to your accountant monthly.

To view the aged receivables report

  1. On the Home menu, under Reports, click (or tap) Aged Receivables.

    The Aged Receivables page opens.

  2. On the Aged Receivables page, set up the following options:

    • Locations - The aged receivables and aged totals will be calculated for the selected locations. Do any of the following:

      • Select the All check box to view aged totals for all locations. Aged receivables will not be displayed. Clear the check box to quickly remove all location selections.

      • Select or clear the check box next to the current location's name to show or hide the aged receivables and aged totals for that location.

      • Click (or tap) Select Locations to select the locations whose aged totals you want to view. If more than one location is selected, the aged receivables will not be displayed. If only one location is selected, the aged totals and aged receivables will be displayed.

      Note: Only locations that you have access to are available.

    • Include Summary - Select this check box to view the organization's aged totals (the sum of the aged totals for all locations in the organization).

    • Skip accounts with claim pending (CP) - Select this check box to not include accounts (a guarantor and all patients with that person specified as their guarantor) that have pending claims. Clear this check box to include accounts on the report regardless of claim status. The number of claims that are associated with a given account appear in the CP column on the report.

    • Period - The aged receivables will be calculated up to the current date or for the selected age of accounts. Select All (as of today), Over 30 days, Over 60 days, or Over 90 days.

    • Procedures - Filter the report to include all procedures, to include only orthodontic procedures, to exclude all orthodontic procedures, or to include or exclude any set of procedures. You can customize the procedure filter presets to suit your preferences.

  3. Click (or tap) Search.

    Wait for the report to load. This can take from one to five minutes, depending on the date range.

  4. To print the report, click (or tap) Print.