Locating next appointments

In eDex, you can locate a patient's next appointment and open the Appointment Book to that appointment. You can also change the appointment's status from eDex instead of changing it from the Appointment Book.

To locate a patient's next appointment

1.   Select a patient from the eDex Contact List.

2.   Click the Open Appointment Book to appointment button.

3.   To change the appointment's status, click the down arrow and select the appropriate status from the list:

·        ??????    Not Confirmed

·        FIRM       Appointment Confirmed

·        FIRM-E   Appt Confirmed by Email

·        EMER     Emergency Patient

·        HERE      Patient has Arrived

·        READY    Ready for Operatory

·        LMM        Left Message Machine

·        LMP         Left Message Person

·        MULTI      Multi-Appointment

·        NOFLEX  Not Flexible

4.  In the Appointment Book, make any necessary changes to the appointment.