Scheduling events for operatories     

You can schedule an event (a non-patient "appointment") to block out time in the Appointment Book to close an operatory for a day or up to four weeks. Events can include such items as staff meetings, vacation schedules, or holidays.

You can also easily move an event to the Pinboard.

To schedule an event

1.   In the Appointment Book, click File, and then click Schedule Event.

The Schedule Event dialog box appears.

2.   Under Operatories, select the operatory or operatories that you want to schedule an event for.

Note: If you specify multiple operatories and/or days for the event, Dentrix creates separate events (one per day per operatory) and displays them in the Appointment Book. The event creation process may take several minutes depending on the date range specified, days of the week selected, the number of operatories selected, and the number of future appointments scheduled. While Dentrix treats multiple operatories and/or days as separate events, they are linked. If you try to delete a linked event, you receive the following message.

3.   Do the following:

·        Event Time - Do one of the following:

·        Specify a Start and an End time if the event will only last part of the day.

·        Select Close Operatory (All Day Event) if the event will last the entire day.

·        Event Days - Select the day or days the event will occur.

Note: You can schedule events as much as one year in advance. You may also select specific days within a range when you schedule an event.

·        Description - Type a description of the event. Select Center Description on Scheduled Event to center the description on the Event icon.

·        Notes - Type any notes that apply to the event. Click Insert Dateline to include a date.

4.   Click Event Color.

The Color dialog box appears.

5.   Select a background color from the palette, and then click OK.

Note: Selecting a color that is too dark may obscure the black text of the Event description and note. For example, black text will not be easily readable on a dark blue background.

6.   To schedule the event, click OK in the Schedule Event dialog box.

The event is added to the Appointment Book.

Note: If you try to schedule an event that conflicts with an appointment or appointments in one or more operatories, you receive the following message.