Scheduling appointments overview

You can easily schedule appointments using the Dentrix Appointment Book. There are several ways to schedule, reschedule, modify, and manage appointments. To learn more, click the following links:

·        Scheduling appointments

·        Scheduling initial appointments

·        Scheduling treatment plan appointments

·        Scheduling unplanned appointments

·        Scheduling next available appointments

·        Scheduling appointments for secondary providers

·        Scheduling appointments from the Pinboard

·        Changing providers

·        Changing appointment lengths

·        Selecting staff members

·        Changing operatories

·        Viewing appointment histories

·        Calling patients automatically

·        Verifying patient information

·        Viewing patients' other appointments

·        Setting default claim information

·        Managing wait or will call appointments

·        Viewing the last changed date

·        Attaching lab cases to appointments

·        Creating follow-up checklists

·        Scheduling new patients

·        Finding new patient appointments

·        Creating a family file for new patients

·        Creating continuing care appointments

·        Common continuing care scheduling messages

·        Setting a continuing care appointment complete

·        Attaching continuing care types manually