Setting yearly holiday closures

For holidays that occur on the same date each year, such as July 4th and New Year's Day, you can set yearly holidays.

Tip: You should only set a yearly holiday for holidays that occur on the same date each year. Other holidays, such as Thanksgiving or Memorial Day, occur on the same day of the week each year, but not the same date.

To set a yearly holiday closure

1.   In the Appointment Book, click Setup, and then click Practice Schedule.

The Schedule Calendar for Practice dialog box appears.

2.   Select the date that you want to change by clicking the appropriate date.

·        To move forward one month, click .

·        To move back one month, click .

3.   To close the office every year on the day selected, click Office Closed, and then click Set Yearly Holiday on selected date.

The date appears blank on the calendar in a lighter shade of gray for the current year and all future years.