Setting up Flip Tabs      

You can use Flip Tabs to jump forward or backward in the Appointment Book according to a defined length of time, such as seven days, two weeks, or six months. Flip Tabs are not set up by default when the Appointment Book is first installed.

Note: Flip Tabs are workstation specific and must be set up on each workstation.

To set up Flip Tabs

1.   In the Appointment Book, click Setup, and then click Flip Tabs Setup.

The Flip Tabs Setup dialog box appears.

2.   Click the Day View, Week View, or Month View tab to set up Flip Tabs for that view.

Note: The Flip Tabs Setup dialog box has three View tabs: Day View, Week View, and Month View. Each tab corresponds to the views available in the Appointment Book.  

3.   In the Description field, type a short description for the Flip Tab (such as "1 Week" ).

Note: The description can be up to fifteen characters in length.

4.   Click Text Color to assign a color to the text description of each Flip Tab.

The Color dialog box appears.

5.   Click the color you want, and then click OK to return to the Flip Tabs Setup dialog box.

6.   Specify whether your Flip Tabs are Absolute or Relative.

Absolute tabs require a calendar date, such as 11/11/2011. An Absolute tab will always jump to a specific date in the Appointment Book.

Relative tabs jump to a date relative to another date and require that a number of days, weeks, or months be specified.

a.   To set up an Absolute tab, in the Type list, select Absolute. The Date field appears. Enter the date the Flip Tab should bookmark.

b.   To set up a Relative tab, in the Type list, select Relative. The Days field appears.

·        Enter the number of days you want the Flip Tab to move.

·        Next, under Direction, select whether the Flip Tab should move you Forward or Backward in your book.

·        Then, under Relative to, select whether the book should move relative to Today or relative to the Displayed Date.

For example, if today’s date is January 1, a Relative Tab set to move you seven days forward relative to today would move you to January 8 . Clicking the tab again still leaves you on January 8 .

However, a Relative Tab set to move you seven days forward relative to the displayed date, would first jump you to January 8 . If clicked again, the tab would move you to January 15, another seven days forward.

7.   To set up to four additional Flip Tabs for each view option, repeat steps 1-6.

8.   When you have finished, click OK.