Patient-friendly procedure descriptions

When you use patient-friendly procedure codes, instead of displaying the technical description for a procedure, a less-technical description appears so patients can easily understand the procedures in their treatment plans. You can also use patient-friendly procedure codes when printing treatment cases, patient treatment cases, and practice treatment cases.

To enable patient-friendly descriptions

In the View menu in the Treatment Planner, click Use Patient-Friendly Descriptions.

Note: You can add or customize patient-friendly descriptions for any procedure code. Descriptions can include up to 150 characters.

Tip: If you primarily treat patients who speak a language other than English, you could edit your patient-friendly procedure descriptions to display that language. For example, you can edit the patient-friendly procedure code D0120 to read:

"Examen dental para determinar los cambios desde el anterior examen de salud bucal general."

If you keep your patiently-friendly descriptions short, you could include two languages in the description (such as English and then Spanish):

"Dental exam for overall oral health. (Examen dental para la salud oral en general.)"

For help in translating procedure code descriptions, click