Editing treatment-planned procedures

You can edit existing treatment-planned procedures.

To edit a treatment-planned procedure

1.   In the Treatment Planner window, click the Treatment Plan Case Setup bar.

2.   Select a treatment plan from the list.

3.   Click the plus sign (+), and then double-click a procedure.

The Edit or Delete Procedure dialog box appears.

4.   Make any needed changes to the following fields:

·        Date - The date the procedure was performed.

·        Procedure - The procedure code.

·        Tooth number - The number assigned to the tooth (1-32).

·        Surface(s) - Specifies which surface or surfaces of the tooth were treated.

·        Amount - The amount billed for the procedure.

·        Override Dental Insurance Estimate - Specifies an estimated amount to be used for dental insurance override.

·        Procedure Status - The current status of the procedure.

·        Provider - The provider who performed the procedure.

·        Diagnoses - You can select from standard diagnoses.

·        Do Not Bill to Dental Insurance - If selected, the amount will not be billed to dental insurance.

·        Override Procedure Flags - You can override procedure flags.

·        Notes - You can type additional patient or procedure notes as needed.

·        Referral information - You can specify any referral information for the procedure.

5.   To save your changes, click OK.