Adding supporting information to a case

You can add any additional information you need to notate or add to the case under Supporting Information. In this section, you can also specify an expiration date for the case estimates and make a note of any case financing that you may need to set up.

To add supporting information to a case

1.   In the Navigation panel of the Treatment Planner, click the Treatment Plan Case Setup tab.

All cases that have been created for the patient appear.

2.   Select the case that you want to add notes to.

3.   In the Navigation panel, click the Supporting Information tab.

The Supporting Information section appears.


4.   In the Case Financing list, select one of the options that you previously entered.

5.   To select a different Estimate Expires date, select a one from the calendar.

Note: The default Estimate Expires date is the one you set up from the Settings section of the Navigation panel.

6.   To add a case note, do one of the following:

·        To use a predefined case note template, from the Templates list, click Insert.

·        To enter a custom note, type text in the Case Note field.

·        To perform a spell check of the note text, click the spell check button.

·        To save the note, click Save Note.

7.   The consent forms attached to the selected case appear in the Form pane under Informed Consent. To add a consent form to or to remove a consent form from the case, select a consent form and do one of the following:

·        Click the Add button.

·        Click Remove Selected Form.

Note: For more information on how to add or remove consent forms, click Adding consent forms to cases and Removing consent forms from cases.