Viewing insurance information and estimates

You can view insurance notes from the Treatment Planner. And, Dentrix can calculate insurance estimates in the Treatment Planner based on the insurance setup information in a patient's family file.

To view insurance information and estimates for a case

1.   In the Treatment Plan Case Setup section of the Navigation panel, select the case that you want to view insurance information for.

2.   Click the Insurance/Case Amounts bar in the Navigation panel.

The Insurance/Case Amounts panel appears listing the following items:

·        Treatment Plan Case Total

·        Estimated Deductible Applied

·        Estimated Insurance Payment

·        Estimated Guarantor Portion


3.   To view any notes for the selected patient's primary or secondary insurance plans, do one of the following:

·        Click Prim Ins Notes

·        Click Sec Ins Notes

The Primary or Secondary Dental Insurance Note dialog box appears.

4.   To view all insurance benefits for the patient, click Ins Benefits.

The Dental Insurance Benefits dialog box for the selected patient appears.

5.   To view and/or modify the patient's insurance benefits and coverages, click Benefits/Cov.

6.   To show the Treatment Plan case total for the selected case, select View Treatment Plan Case Totals.

7.   To show the estimated deductible applied, estimated insurance payment, and estimated guarantor portion for the selected case, select View Treatment Plan Case Estimated Totals.