Creating perio exam notes

From the Exam Information section of the Perio panel, you can enter notes for the current periodontal exam.

To create a perio exam note

1.   Select a patient, and then click the Exam Information tab in the Perio panel.

The Exam Information section appears.

2.   Under Perio Notes, select the appropriate perio notes and values for the selected patient.

The following values are available for each Perio Note:

·        Gingiva -

·        Attachment - Normal, Recession, Enlarged Tissue

·        Bleeding - None, Mild, Moderate, Severe

·        Color - Coral Pink, Pink, Red, Magenta, Pink with Magenta areas, Light, Dark

·        Contour - Normal, Irregular, Recessions

·        Margins - Knife Edged, Clefts, Cuffing

·        Papillae - Scalloped, Blunted, Enlarged, Punched Out, Cratered

·        Sulcus - None, Blood, Exudates

·        Suppuration - None, Mild, Moderate, Severe

·        Texture - Stippled, Glossy, Rough

·        Oral Hygiene

·        Calculus - None, Light, Moderate, Heavy

·        Plaque - None, Light, Moderate, Heavy

·        Stain - None, Light, Moderate, Heavy

·       X-rays

·        Bone_Defects - None, Craters, Wells, Furcations

·        Bone_Loss - None, Mild, Moderate, Severe

3.   Select a case type from the Periodontal Case Type list.

4.   Select the appropriate statuses under Patient Status and Perio Status.

5.   Under Miscellaneous Notes, type any notes pertinent to the selected patient.

6.   To perform a spell check of the note text, click the spell check button.

7.   In the Perio Chart, click File, and then click Save Exam.