Conducting perio exams overview

Using the Dentrix Perio Chart, you can record mobility, furcation grades, plaque, calculus, bone loss, pocket depths, bleeding and suppuration points, gingival margins, CAL levels, and MGJ measurements. The Perio Chart also includes automatic calculation formulas that you can use to expedite the charting process by eliminating the need to measure multiple indicators.

To learn more, click the following links:

·        Creating new perio exams

·        Entering perio measurements

·        Entering measurements greater than 9 mm

·        Entering positive number gingival margins

·        Creating perio exam notes

·        Changing perio exam notes

·        Diagnosing periodontal diseases and conditions

·        Selecting patient and perio statuses

·        Setting up exam information templates

·        Renaming or deleting exam information templates

·        Copying perio exams to the Clipboard