Changing perio exam notes

Perio exam notes consist of the measurements taken during a general periodontal exam, including information about the gingiva, oral hygiene, and X-rays. By default, the measurement values of perio exam notes are set to those of a normal, healthy mouth.

You can change the values to a perio note while performing a periodontal examination, or you can create custom templates for conditions common to a group of patients, such as smokers.

To change a perio exam note

1.   Select a patient, and then click the Exam Information tab in the Perio panel.

The Exam Information section appears.

2.   Under Perio Notes, click the note that you want to change (Attachment, Bleeding, Color, and so forth).

3.   Select the appropriate value from the list.

4.   To save the current exam and the new values, click File, and then click Save Exam.