Viewing clock in/out histories

In Dentrix, a log is kept of your employees' time clock punches.

To see a log of an employee's time clock punches

1.   Right-click the Dentrix Quick Launch icon in the notification area of the Windows taskbar.

2.   In the shortcut menu, point to Time Clock, and then click Employee Clock In/Out.

The Select Provider/Staff dialog box appears.

3.   Select the appropriate employee and then click OK.

The Time Clock dialog box for the selected employee appears.

4.   Click the History tab.

The employee whose history you are currently viewing is displayed in the title bar.

5.   To change the employee, click the User ID search button; in the Select Provider/Staff dialog box, select the employee you want; and then click OK.

The following list explains what you can view in the columns displayed on the History tab:

·        Date - The left column displays the date of the associated time punches. To change the date range being viewed, enter the desired range into the From and To date fields or expand the drop-downs and select the dates from a calendar. Click the Date column heading to sort the list ascending or descending by date.

·        Note - If a note has been entered for that day, the word "User" displays. If the note for that day has been deleted, a red "Del" displays. If a note was automatically entered by Dentrix, a blue "Auto" displays. If a note has never been entered for the day, the cell is blank.

·        Total - This column displays the total hours worked for that day.

·        In/Out - The In and Out columns display each time the employee clocked in and out. Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the list to view additional in and out punches, if any.

6.   To edit the data in the Note, In, or Out cells, click Edit.

·        Editing a Note cell - To add a note to a day, click the Edit button, then click in the Note cell to open the Time Clock Note for the selected date. Enter the note and click OK. If you want to delete an existing note, right-click on the cell, and select Delete Note. A red "Del" appears in the cell.

·        Editing a Time cell - To add a time, click the Edit button, then click the desired cell and enter the time or set the correct time by clicking the spin box arrows. To delete a time, right-click the cell and select Delete Time.

7.   Use the Tab keys to move to the next cell. To save the changes that you made, click Save.

A note is appended for each change that was made to the edited date, including the user, date, and time the change was made.

Note: If you enabled passwords, users must have rights to "Time Clock, Edit Punches/Notes" to edit any history.

8.   To print a Time Punch Report for the selected employee for the date range being displayed, click Print.