Setting up employee clock in/out

If you are using passwords in the office, each employee needs rights to "Time Clock, Clock In/Out" to clock in or out. Assign "Verify user before access" status to this option so that employees are required to enter their passwords to clock in and out.

To set up employee clock in/out

1.   Right-click the Dentrix Quick Launch icon, and from the menu, point to Time Clock and then click Employee Clock In/Out.

The Select Provider/Staff dialog box appears.

2.   Select the appropriate employee and click OK.

The Time Clock dialog box for the selected employee appears.

3.   The Current tab displays the current date, current user ID, last punch, and the current time.

Note: If the last punch was to "clock out," the button is labeled "Clock In." If the last punch was a "clock in," the button is labeled "Clock Out."

4.   Click Clock In or Clock Out, and if necessary, record any notes.