Adding letters to Quick Letters

You can easily add letters to the Quick Letters list.

To add a letter to Quick Letters

1.   From any Dentrix module except the Office Manager, select a patient.

2.   From the module's toolbar, click the Quick Letters button.  

The Quick Letters dialog box appears.

3.   Click New.

The New Quick Letter dialog box appears.


4.   Type a name for the letter in the Letter Name field.

Use a name that will help you remember the purpose of the letter.

5.   To search for a letter template, click the Browse button.

The Select Dentrix letter template dialog box appears.

6.   Select the template that you want from the list and click Open.

When selecting the template, remember the following:

·        To add a letter to the Quick Letter list, you must have first created and saved the letter. (See Creating letters.)

·        The template name must match the file name for the document.

·        You must include the file extension (for example, dtxlm13.doc).

·        To merge a letter, you must save the letter in the correct directory. Store all letters in the letter template path directory. To check the letter template path in the Office Manager, from Maintenance menu, point to Practice Setup and click Preferences. Click the Paths tab.

7.   In the New Quick Letter dialog box, select one of the following:

·        Does not apply for this letter – Patients with privacy requests will not be skipped.

·         Applies for Patients or Guarantors – All patients who have the "No correspondence" option selected in the Family File will be skipped.

·         Applies for "Referred By Patients" – The letter will not include any patients who have a "Referred By" patient and the "No correspondence" option selected in the Family File.

8.   To save the letter information and return to the Quick Letters dialog box, click OK.