Batch Processor overview

All reports and claims created from the Office Manager are sent automatically to the Batch Processor for printing. When you create a report in any Dentrix module other than the Office Manager, you have the option to print the report immediately or to send the report to the Batch Processor. Reports that you send to the Batch Processor for printing appear in the Batch Processor pane.

From the Batch Processor, you can print or preview a report at any time. Reports remain in the Batch Processor until you delete them. The Batch Processor shows the date that you generated each report along with a brief description of the report. The status column displays a status for the report as follows:

·        Not printed - The report or claim has not been printed or previewed since it was sent to the Batch Processor.

·        Printed - The report or claim has been printed.

·        Displayed - The report or claim has been previewed.

·        Sent - The claim has been successfully sent electronically (using eClaims) to the insurance payor.

·        eRejected - The electronic claim was sent but could not be delivered to the insurance payor.

·        Schd-1 - The report is being printed, previewed, or is still loading.

Note: If you see a "Schd-1" status that doesn’t change to another status after you finish printing or previewing the report, try deleting and recreating the report or restarting your computer.

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