Adding procedure notes

You can set up a library of custom notes in Dentrix. These notes serve as templates that you can draw from. You can use the text of any note without changing it or customize it as needed, depending on the situation for which you are adding a note.

Procedure notes allow you to add clarification to completed procedures. Procedure notes in the Ledger and the Patient Chart are directly linked and are generally used to note clinical information about a procedure rather than provide financial data. You can also edit or delete procedure notes. You can also edit or delete procedure notes.

To add a procedure note

1.   In the Office Manager, click Maintenance, point to Practice Setup > Custom Notes, and then click Procedure Notes Setup.

The Custom Procedure Notes Setup dialog box appears.

2.   Click New.

The New Custom Procedure Note dialog box appears.

3.   Type a description for the note.

4.   Type the text of the note under Note.

Note: Procedure notes can only contain 3,999 characters. Inserting multiple custom procedure notes might exceed the limit.

5.   Click the spell check button to perform a spell check of the note text.

6.   Click OK to save the note.